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Collabeauty Q10 Expert Nutricode

Collabeauty Q10 Expert Nutricode

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COMPREHENSIVE SKIN CARE FROM THE INSIDE ▪ collagen derived from Atlantic cod benefits your skin, improving its firmness and elasticity ▪ vitamin C supports proper collagen production ▪ coenzyme Q10 – a component naturally produced by the body, the production of which decreases with age – slows down the appearance of wrinkles and sagging skin ▪ vitamin A and zinc help to maintain a healthy look and copper maintains its proper pigmentation __________________________________________________________ FOOD SUPPLEMENT ▪ an ally in combating the signs of ageing ▪ a high content of collagen obtained from Atlantic cod ▪ with coenzyme Q10 called the elixir of youth ▪ enriched with vitamins and minerals valuable for the skin

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